How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10 Hard Drive?

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Have you ever deleted any files from the Windows 10 system? What was the first thing you did after deleting any files from the system? Have you ever thought of how to recover deleted files on Windows 10 hard drive? If yes, then this article will help you to overcome with such problem, recovering deleted files on Windows 10 is not a complicated job. Here are some easy and secure way to recover deleted files from Windows 10 hard drive without any hassle.

Hard disk drive is a storage device which is used for storing and retrieving data in digital format. It stores files like video, pictures, documents, audio, etc. along with operating system. However, while accessing those files from the hard disk, you may come across different scenarios in which files gets deleted. In such situations, you can opt Deleted File Recovery software which capable of restoring deleted files on Windows 10 with ease. For more details, you can visit this link:

Reasons behind deletion of files on Windows 10:

  • Accidentally selection of wrong files or folders for deletion may results in deletion of vital files.
  • While formatting partition or disk, selection of wrong partition will erase all the files from hard drive on Windows 10.
  • Deletion of files using command prompt will erase vital files from the system hard drive.
  • After selecting files, pressing Shift+ Delete will permanently remove the files from the Windows 10 system as it doesn’t store on Recycle Bin folder.
  • Use of third party software like antivirus program may delete your vital files from the system hard drive without giving you any notification.
  • Sometimes, virus or malware infections may delete the files from the system hard drive on Windows 10.
  • It is difficult to restore deleted files on Windows 10 hard drive when Recycle Bin is emptied and there is no backup. However, if you ever met with any of the above-mentioned situations, deleted files from the hard drive on Windows 10 can be retrieved easily with the help of Deleted File Recovery software.

Features of Deleted File Recovery Software:

  • Using this software, you can easily recover deleted files from the hard drive on all major versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, etc.
  • It can even recover files from Recycle Bin on all version of Windows OS.
  • With the help of “Preview” option, you can view the recovered files prior to restoration.
  • Find option is available in the software which helps in locating a particular file on the basis of creation of date, extension, file name and file size.
  • This software can also recover files from memory stick, memory card, external hard drive, USB drive, etc.
  • Using Save Recovery Session option, you can save the scanned info t pause and then resume the recovery process when needed without rescanning the hard drive.

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Steps to Know How to Recover Deleted Files On Windows 10 Hard Drive:

Step 1: Launch demo version of  Deleted File Recovery software, on the home page of the software and select "Recover Files" option.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows 10 Hard Drive - Welcome Window

Figure A: Home Page

Step 2: On the next screen, you have to select"Recover Deleted Files" and after this you have to choose the drive from where files need to be recovered and click on "Next" button.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows 10 Hard Drive - Drive Selection Page

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

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Step 3: Once the scanning process is over, software will display list of recovered files. Select a file from recovered list and preview it.

Recover Deleted Files From Windows 10 Hard Drive- Recovered Results

Figure C: Preview Recovered Files