Recover Memory Stick Files

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Did you accidentally delete some of your important files from memory stick, USB drive or other removable storage drives? If so then you're probably wondering for the solution, that how to recover memory stick files? Then no need to search more because here is the solution for your question, with deleted file recovery tool you can have a chance to get back all your deleted files and folders. Get back deleted software can retrieve any files that you may have deleted from your memory stick or from any other removable drive.

Have a look on some scenarios which are responsible for data loss from memory stick. Among all the data loss scenarios accidental deletion of files from memory stick is the most common one. Generally, users are habitual with shift + delete key combination to delete files and deleting a file by this key combination will not move the files to the Recycle Bin. At this situation, if you want to recover files deleted from Recycle Bin, then you have to use get back deleted files software. It is a smart tool, which also allows user to restore files from Samsung Laptop that won’t boot in couple of mouse clicks.

Abruptly pulling memory stick from computer during file transfer will also leads to data loss from memory stick. In spite of this, files present in memory stick also get corrupted due to virus or malware infection, this happen when we connect memory stick to already infected system. Sometime files present in the memory stick might get erased, when you try to add more files in it without checking the available space. To tackle all these problems and to recover memory stick files just make use of deleted file recovery application that also facilitates user to retrieve lost Word file from Lenovo Laptop and also supports recovery of files from other laptop brands as well.

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Now the question arises how deleted file recovery is possible, so let me explain quickly that why you’re deleted files are still recoverable. Recovery is possible because whenever data gets deleted from memory stick, it doesn't actually get permanently erased; only the pointers which contains the address location of those files is marked as free for storing new files. Means the space that was occupied by the deleted file is now free, and becomes listed as re-usable space. However until that space is overwritten by new files, your deleted files is still remains in the memory stick and can recover easily by using get back deleted files tool. With the help of this advance application user can recover music files from iMac and from other Mac OS X machines in just a few steps.

So if you want to successfully recover memory stick files then you need to download deleted file recovery program. As every time you add new data to your memory stick, there is a chance your old data is being lost forever. Hence stop adding any new data to the memory stick if you are looking to recover data from it. Get back deleted files tool can also be used get back deleted files on Mac operating system with simple mouse clicks.

Few easy steps to restore files from memory stick:

Step A: Launch the free trial version of the software and on home screen appears with different recovery options. Select "Recover Files" among three of them and then on next page select "Recover Deleted Files" in order to proceed further.

Recover Memory Stick Files - Main Window

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step B: Then on next scrren software will ask you to select the memory stick from which you want to perform deleted file recovery and then click on "Next" as illustrated in fig 2.

Recover Memory Stick Files - Choose Memory Card

Fig 2: Select Memory Stick

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Step C: Memory stick scan will be initiated to identify and recover deleted files. Upon completion, you will get list of restored files as illustrated in Fig 3.

Recover Memory Stick Files - Preview Results

Fig 3: Recovery Results