Best way to Restore Shift Deleted Files

Have you accidentally deleted some of your most important files from Windows PC by using Shift + Delete key combination? After deletion of those files using this key combination will not be sent to Recycle Bin thereby resulting in permanent loss of files. What would you do now? As the deleted files are really important, pain of losing cannot be explained. Are you worried and thinking about how to get back Shift Deleted files? Just Relax!!! The answer is, just make use of Get back deleted files software which will help you to recover shift deleted files with great ease that too within a fraction of minutes.

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People employ Shift-Deletion method to delete unwanted files, when their computer hard drive is full and they want to make some space free as early as possible. The reason behind this is, after normal deletion the deleted files are sent to Recycle Bin and this Recycle Bin again consumes memory space. So, in these cases it will be helpful, if users delete files by making use of Shift + Delete keys combination. When the files are deleted with this key combination then those files bypass the Recycle Bin and get deleted permanently. In this case, there is no way left to restore shift deleted files in case you find them important or access the Shift-Deleted files. Therefore, to get back Shift Deleted files, simply make use of get back deleted files tool which will stand beneficial and would help you to recover shift deleted files within few easy steps. Apart from recovering deleted files from Windows computer, this software can even retrieve files from formatted storage drives. For an instance, this tool can retrieve data from accidentally formatted Western Digital hard drive, Seagate external drive and many other external hard drive brands. Even, this tool can get back deleted files from hard drive, USB flash drive, iPod, SD card and other flash memory cards.

When users delete files by making use of Shift Delete key combination, internally the file system on computer marks the entries of these files as deleted. Because of this, user will not be able to access deleted files, but the data will remain still intact. Here what happens is, after such deletion the pointer pointing to the data memory will no more be pointing to that memory location and makes the memory space free to add new files. So, if you store new files on the same storage space occupied by the deleted files, then it becomes impossible to recover shift deleted files. But, if you have not used the drive and the deleted files are not overwritten, then to get back Shift Deleted files one has to make use of get back deleted files tool.

There are many other reasons responsible for deletion of files and folders from computer system. In all these scenarios, get back deleted files utility helps user to retrieve all of their deleted files. This software supports recovery of all types of deleted files such as audios, videos, Word files, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. So, one need not to worry about how to restore lost Word files on Lenovo laptop or any other hard drive. Even in cases of virus infection, where your computer files get affected by harmful viruses. While deleting those virus infected files using Shift + Delete keys combination you may select important files and delete them which causes deletion of such files permanently.

If because of any means, important files that are required for booting of your PC have deleted from computer, then computer will not boot. Even in such cases, get back deleted files tool can effectively get back files from Non-bootable Samsung laptop and from other hard drives. One similar scenario of accidental deletion is unknowingly deleting data on removable storage drives thinking that it will go in Recycle Bin. However, after such deletion, files are not sent to Recycle Bin which bypasses Recycle Bin as the computer does not provide any storage folder for storing deleted files from any external storage drive. In such cases, it is possible to retrieve files from external storage device. Get back deleted files software is able to restore images on Kingston memory card along with other memory card types.

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Steps to Recover Shift Deleted Files:

I: Download and install the demo version of get back deleted files software. Launch the software, it will display home screen as shown in Figure I. Choose "Recover Files" option from main menu and later select "Recover Deleted Files" option.

Get Back Shift Deleted Files - Main Screen

Figure (I): Main Screen

II: On next screen, you have to select the hard drive from where files need to be recovered and click on "Next" button. As you click on Next button, software will start scanning process.

Get Back Shift Deleted Files - Choose Hard Drive

Figure (II): Choose Hard Drive

III: After completion of hard drive scan, it will display list of recovered files as shown in Figure (III). Select a file from recovered list and preview it. If you are satisfied with the results obtained using trial version of the software, you can purchase the licensed version to save recovered files.

Get Back Shift Deleted Files - Preview Recovered Files

Figure (III): Preview Recovered Files

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