WD Hard Drive File Recovery after Accidental Format

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Think you have accidentally formatted a different partition of Western Digital hard drive, which has precious files related to your work, instead of formatting the intended one. What is the result? Simple your WD HDD partition is successfully formatted and you have lost your important work related files. You never expected this right?? Cool, it happens sometimes. Now forget about the blunder you did and think of your lost files. Are they really gone forever?? No..!!! Simply those files are inaccessible, but they are safe in the WD hard drive file system. Those files are eagerly waiting to be restored back. What else you are thinking, run and choose appropriate file recovery software.

Western Digital hard drives, a brand known for superior quality of hard disk drives which are available with different amount of storage space. They are too good to use with Windows and Mac machines. It does not matter which hard drive you are using and how efficient the file system is, some worst scenario make you to lose your precious files kept in WD hard drive. In such instances, get back deleted files comes handy. Powerful file recovery software designed to undelete lost files from accidentally formatted and reformatted Western Digital hard drive. It is compatible with all type of hard drives and laptop disk drives. It works well to restore data from unbootable Samsung laptop hard disk drives. If you delete file with Shift-Delete command, files get delete permanently as these deleted files does not store in Recycle Bin folder. In addition, when you get delete files from Recycle Bin, you cannot recover these files untill you employ any third party utility. Recycle Bin deleted files recovery becomes very easy when you use Get Back Deleted Files software.

Accidental formatting of Western Digital hard drive partitions is quite common. We are human beings prone to mistakes. Rather than thinking about the mistake that had happened, searching for best solution to recover lost files would be better. Most effective approach is using efficient file recovery software i.e. get back deleted files. Advanced drive scan and file recovery engine of this application restore your lost files from formatted WD hard drive within short time. It is capable of recovering more than 300 file types. It is very useful to recover lost Word file from Lenovo laptop and other laptop hard drives. There are many other reasons that forces user to perform hard drive formatting which eventually erases the stored data, to tackle this problem and to recover files from formatted hard drive, use this application which also enables user to restore data from memory stick in just a few steps.

Recovering files from accidentally formatted Western Digital hard drive is not a rocket science. All you need to do is few simple mouse clicks. Get back deled files will take care of the rest of the processes. Only thing you need to be careful is, lost files should not be overwritten, because it will make you to lose the files permanently. After formatting the WD hard drive partition, never use it for storing new data, not even for installing recovery software. If the entire hard drive is formatted, disconnect the hard drive and connect to other machine for recovery. You can also make use of the Mac version of the software to recover media files from iMac and other Mac OS X machines. This award winning software is capable to regain data from Windows OS of different versions such as Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, 7, 8, etc with great ease.

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Quick and easy steps to perform WD hard drive file recovery:

1: Download and install the demo version of get back deleted files application. Launch the installed software to get welcome screen as shown in Figure 1. Select Recover Partitions/Drives from main menu and later choose Formatted/Reformatted Recovery.

WD Hard Drive File Recovery after Accidental Format - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

2: You will be prompted to choose the hard drive from where files need to be recovered. Here specify your formatted WD HDD partition and click on Next button.

WD Hard Drive File Recovery after Accidental Format - Choose Drive

Figure 2: Choose Drive

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3: After completion of WD hard drive scan, you will get list of retrieved files as shown in Figure 3. Select a file from recovered list and preview it.

WD Hard Drive File Recovery after Accidental Format - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

4: If you are happy with the results obtained using demo version of the software, purchase the full version to save recovered files.