How to Get Back Deleted Files on Windows?

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How to get back deleted files on Windows? Let me tell you, everyone might have come across such sort of problems and start blaming themselves for being so careless in deleting files and not keeping the backup to restore it later. Common user’s think that deleted files can never come back, but let me tell you there is still a great chance of getting them back. This data loss problem becames quite common among Windows users and still the people are in doubt that data recovery is possible or not or if yes then how deleted files can be recovered. Let's make it simple. Deleting files will only erase the location of the file where it lies down. In other words, we can say that those deleted files are still on your system hard disk, only you lost an address to access it. Which means after deleting the files you still have chance to get back deleted files and for this purpose you have to use deleted data recovery software. It has user-friendly interface which helps even amateur users to recover deleted files without facing any complications.

Most of the users prefer to delete unnecessary files and folders from their Windows hard drive to re-use the space for storing new data. And most of the times they prefer Shift + Delete keys to delete the file so that it will skip from the Recycle Bin. Sometime for this short cut user have to pay a lot, because there must be chance that users may accidentally select some their important files while deleting unwanted files and suffer data loss. For all those who unknowingly delete their important files from Windows hard drive, get back deleted files tool is the best option available for them. Software enables users to restore permanently deleted files, which they have deleted using Shift + Delete opion or deleted from Recycle Bin folder.With this application you can restore music files from iMac and from other Mac machines as well in few easy steps.

Sudden system shut down during file transferring process also results in deletion of files on Windows hard drive. Suppose you move your file by using cut and paste command. File transferring process is going on and suddenly system turns off. You again switch on your computer you found that the some file are not there, you search it but you won’t found it. Same thing happen with the case of removable drives interruption is in between file transferring process from removable to hard drive or vice versa will may results in deletion of file. After such miserable situation a common question comes to your mind is, how to recover deleted files on Windows 10 hard drive or on other versions of Windows OS? To come out from such circumstances, get back deleted files software is the perfect solution. It also allows user to retrieve lost Word file from Lenovo laptop and supports various other brands of laptops.

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Apart from all this, virus infection, file system corruption and bad sectors on hard drive also results in deletion of files. For all these problems, just make use of get back deleted files application which also facilitates user to get back lost photos from memory card, USB drive and from external hard drive in couple of mouse clicks.

Perform these steps to get back deleted files on Windows:

Step 1: Launch free trial version of get back deleted files tool, on the home page of the software as illustrated in Figure A. Select "Recover Files" option.

How to Get Back Deleted Files on Windows - Welcome Window

Figure A: Home Page

Step 2: On the next screen of the software, you have to choose the "Recover Deleted Files" and after this you have to select the drive from where files need to be recovered and click on "Next" as illustrated in figure B.

How to Get Back Deleted Files on Windows - Drive Selection Page

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

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Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, software will display list of recovered files as illustrated in Figure C. Select a file from recovered list and preview it.

How to Get Back Deleted Files on Windows - Recovered Results

Figure C: Preview Recovered Files